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A tradition of excellence over the last 100 years established Dunnets (Birmingham) Ltd. as one of the leading manufacturers of quality bakeware. This family firm was founded in 1885 by Rivers Dunnett who traded as a manufacturing ironmonger in Bristol Street.

Early in the 1900s River Dunnett's sons, Howard and Hanbury, took charge as equal partners naming the firm Dunnett Brothers and moving first to Angelina Street and then Loveday Street before settling in the present premises in King's Road, Tysesley in 1922. Four years later the partnership dissolved leaving Hanbury Dunnett in charge trading under the name Dunnetts.

The war years saw Dunnetts making bomb fins and Land Army boxes for the Ministry of Supply. Since those rationed days Dunnetts returned to making baking and roasting tins, pans and trays to supply the cookware market.

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Although Dunnetts fell into administration in January 2009, UTENSA, a distribution company for whom Dunnetts has been a major supplier, took the decision to attempt to resurrect the manufacturing operation and so sufficient plant and machinery was purchased from the administrator to enable production to recommence in February 2009.

Since 2009, UTENSA has continued to supply the cookware market with excellent quality, UK manufactured bakeware at competitive prices.